18 Mac 2011

big daddy F

ya hatreds between time and past. haha i am feeling like a dumb dumb ass hole man that have been cheated by a girl. isn't that called dumb? -.- she is a good girl as well. ya can't imagine the girl that i had knew last 5 years ago has changed. i have done much things for her but... haha it just blew away piuh piuh. can you see me girl? not you but her. HER! haha whats up with her? ah just a typical girl that crying out loud. haha whats up fuckup?

whats upwith her? urgh she doesn't know the meaning of appreciation. haha just touch and go? ouh not like that lah, just just err i don't know how to express it. just it seems that she always being sellfish. okay lah i dont have any rights to judge you but are you the girl? the girl that is always loving me like i do? the girl that is always beside me when im down? the girl that is always killing me? the girl that was i knew 5 years ago? being a sarcasm is a fun thing to me.eventhough its hurt but at least it will make me smile even for a short time. pffft

if you can 'sentap sentap'  when im going to declare with someone, so do i lah. well, it will be more suck than you know. haha im really really disappoint with you. the best man win right?  you are just same with others. don't blame on me for what i wrote, i wrote this because i really hate about it! im so fucked up. if there any explanation for me, do keep it because its too late. hehehe <--- a fake silly lough for you fakers.

rusy: since when i do write in english? okay since im going to take my SPM paper, so i must keep writing to improve my english essays. well thank you for your support. 

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